More than any other this past decade, the Inglis Classic Sale has been the fastest-growing of Australia’s major select yearling sales, ballooning in almost every one of its measurable components.

In 2013, this sale’s ‘Summer Book’ (there was also a Classic Yearling Sale Winter Book) grossed $11.85 million, with an average peaking at $33,382. Compare that to last year, when the Classic catalogue (Book One) grossed nearly $57.5 million, a 385 per cent increase in a decade (with an average of $102,640).

Comparing eras is difficult, especially with the evolution of the digital selling landscape. When it comes to yearling sales, often the year-on-year comparisons are best. 

However, the maturity of the Classic Sale in just 10 years is important because this sale, arguably more than any other, has traditionally been the ‘trainer’s sale’. It feeds an enormous number of horses into everyday racing stables.

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