Thank you for your interest in The Straight, a digital destination for the coverage of the racing, wagering and the breeding industries.

As the founder and managing editor, it is my pleasure to put a publication out into the market which I am confident can play an important role in the thoroughbred industry media landscape.

The sport of thoroughbred racing is based on that glorious combination of equine athleticism and horsemanship and the decisive moment is in the straight, which is the genesis of our name.

But surrounding that contest is a complex industry, with many segments interacting to form the commercial machine which underlines its prosperity.

That industry is worth more than $10 billion annually to the Australian economy, resulting in the employment of over 80,000 people.

The concept for The Straight grew out of two things. Firstly, a lack of consistent coverage of the issues surrounding the broader thoroughbred industry by mainstream media, and secondly, the fact that industry coverage tends to be parochial and defined by specific interests.

In talking to those who work in various aspects of the thoroughbred game, what has become clear is that there is no media destination or independent coverage of the various commercial aspects which underpin the thoroughbred industry.

Where does someone who works in wagering go to get information about events in the breeding or administration space? How does a syndicator keep up with news which is driving investment in the bloodstock industry? What implications does a government decision on taxation have on the commercial success of a training operation?

Our aim is to be in that very spot, providing clear and independent coverage of those decisive moments of the thoroughbred industry. I spoke about The Straight in a video which was prepared for the launch of the platform, below.

To ensure that clarity and independence, and the ongoing commercial success of The Straight, we will be membership powered. That means we will be commercially driven by the engagement of our audience. Put simply, content will be eventually made available via paid subscription.

However, as part of our launch, we will offer our full suite of content for free for the first few months. All you need to do to access everything on The Straight, and receive our newsletters twice a week, is sign up via our membership portal, providing only your name and email address.  

We are also active on social media platforms, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram and LinkedIn, keeping our broader audience informed on the stories that matter across the thoroughbred industry.    

If you wish to find out more about The Straight, check out our About Us and FAQ pages, while if you want to contact us to offer suggestions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to email